Your eyes, your life. Protect them with blue light glasses

Did you know that reading on your smartphone or tablet before bed can have harmful effects on your eyes? The blue light is a culprit in causing sleep problems as it inhibits melatonin production which in turn disturbs your sleeping patterns. This blog focuses on giving out information on blue light glasses and the benefits they can have.

How Blue Light Affects Our Eyes

Blue light is a short wavelength of visible light. The short wavelength of this light allows the blue light to penetrate deep into the retina in your eye. The retina is the light sensitive tissue at the back of your eye that sends images to your brain. It is the part of your eye that can be damaged by blue light. Exposure to too much blue light can damage the retina and is a risk factor for age-related macular degeneration, also called AMD. AMD is a serious condition that can lead to a loss of vision and is the leading cause of blindness. 

The Effects of Blue Light on Our Eyes

Blue light is very dangerous. It has been scientifically proven that it can cause macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in our society. It is simply not worth the risk to ignore blue light. With your computer, smart phone or tablet you can use blue light glasses to eliminate this damaging light, and ensure your eyes remain healthy.

What Happens If You Don’t Wear Blue Light Glasses?

There are two kinds of light that can affect your eyes’ health, Ultra- violet and blue light. Ultraviolet light leads to eye damage and cataracts. However, blue light is worse. Blue light is particularly harmful to your eyes while driving. Because the blue rays reflect off of shiny things like cars, blue light reaches your eyes. These rays can destroy the cells in your eyes that react to light. When your eye’s light receptors are damaged, your eyes won’t be able to focus, which can lead to permanent damaged vision.

Blue light protection options

Blue light, which is a part of the visible light spectrum, is also known as “high energy visible light”. This type of light is not dangerous on its own. However, it is harmful when it enters into human eyes in large amounts. Many people across the world suffer from digital eye strain or other types of health issues because of over exposure to blue light. One of the best ways to protect yourself from these issues is to buy Blue light protection Glasses. There are glasses which come with a combination of anti-glare and blue light protection lens. You can also use anti-glare glasses that let in blue light and filter out the glare. Tap to read blue light glasses benefits 

First frames you can choose with blue light glasses

Based on the face shapes, faces can be divided into four (4) categories, namely circle face, heart-shape face, square face and triangle face. You can choose frames as follows:

If you are someone with Round face shape – frame type to avoid: full frame glasses. Round face shape – frame type to choose: half, semi, rimless. Oval face shape – frame type to avoid: small rimless frames. Oval face shape – frame type to choose: half, semi, rimless, round. Square face shape – frame type to avoid: round glasses. Square face shape – frame type to choose: rimless. Heart shaped face shape – frame type to avoid: round, square glasses. Heart shaped face shape – frame type to choose: round, half, semi, rimless. Heart shaped face shape – frame type to choose: round, half, semi, rimless.  Tap to read glasses that make you look younger


The problem with Blue light is that you are exposed to it all day long. Make sure to protect your eyes with blue light glasses.

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