You know why laugh is important

World Comedy Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year. The first ‘World Comedy Day’ meeting took place on 11 January 1998 in Mumbai, India. Health is good by laughing. Further health benefits from laughing are described: laugh is important

Laughing boosts the immune system because laughter produces stress-controlled hormones. It also increases immune cells and also increases infection-fighting antibodies. All these things strengthen the immunity of the body.

Laughing burns calories. According to one study, laughing for 10 to 15 minutes a day can burn about 40 calories. Laughing releases the endorphin hormone in the body. It is a natural feel-good chemical that makes you feel good and gives relief from pain.

Laughter helps in fighting cancer diseases like therapy. According to some studies, laugh has a positive effect on the treatment of cancer.

Laughing gives you a long life, helps you relax and recharge. Also, stress is also reduced.

Laughter increases T-cells. Let me tell you, T-cells are present in the body, which wait to be activated. T-cells activate when you laugh, which immediately start helping you fight the disease.

Laughing relaxes your muscles, reduces anger, and improves memory. Laughing increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. Also, creativity also increases.

Famous comedian Charlie Chaplin has a famous coat, ‘Humor is like a tonic, which relieves any pain’ and ‘Any day spent without laughter is meaningless. “


Especially now, when we are all imprisoned in our homes because of the lockdown. It is very important to be happy at this time. We can keep each other happy with different techniques of humor. Happy World Comedy Day to all of you.

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