Shilhaandara Resort: Must Read Ultimate Guide Before you Visit

Shilhaandara Resort is beautifully located on splendid mountains, beholding striking picturesque views of nature and historical forts. The resort is 55 km from Bangalore city and is situated at around 300 ft. height of the mountain. Due to settling at the foothills of the Ramanagara rocks, the resort is a host of many adventurous and fun-filled activities. The resort is also famed for having a balcony view and terrace overlooking mountains and historical forts. shilhaandara resort distance from Bangalore..

Shilhaandara Resort inhabits amenities like a swimming pool, adventurous activities, zip-lining, water slides, and many more diversified activities. What else can be better than a day out to explore heights? Shilhaandara, amidst lush greenery, is a fulgent mode to relish the true essence of nature. You can avail of activities, relish rain dance, or simply laze by the pool, close to nature. If you are seeking utter peace, then the Shilhaandara resort should be in your consideration.

Bewitching Views Furnished at Shilhaandara Resort, Bangalore

The architecture of Shilhaandara is inspired by ancient kingdoms which ruled the lands of Southern India, and the ambiance unveils the ancient lifestyle. Unending access to the environment, inbuilt architecture, and rugged granite rocks formation serve the place to you as nature and adventure seeker.

Facilities and Amenities in Shilhaandara Resort

Shilhaandara Resort provides a comforting and rejuvenating zone to celebrate life with splendid facilities and amenities. The resort also serves as an ideal venue for private parties, weddings, conferences, and corporate meetings. Few amenities that can be availed by you at Shilhaandara Resort include:

  • Access to free WiFi.
  • Free parking.
  • 24-hour front desk.
  • Common swimming pool.
  • Air conditioning in rooms.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Morning newspaper.
  • Television.
  • Wheelchair.
  • Luggage store.
  • A medical center.
  • Balcony, and terrace.
  • Jacuzzi.
  • Bar facilities.
  • Conference hall.
  • Transport on request.
  • Paid laundry services.
  • Paid spa and steam and sauna.
  • Fitness center.
  • Kids play area with swings.
  • Indoor games like carrom, chess, table tennis, foosball, and billiards (at additional charges).

Adventure Activities in Shilhaandara Resort

The list of Adventurous Activities in Shilhaandara states how mind-boggling it would be for you to be in its soothing arms. Specializing in experiential programs for all age groups and mindset, the adventurous activities in Shilhaandara Resort include:

  • Beach volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Tug of war
  • Bow & arrow
  • Kite flying
  • Caterpillar
  • Ziplining
  • Rain dance along with DJ
  • Table tennis
  • Carom
  • Chess
  • Darts
  • Snooker
  • Billiards
  • Quad bike rides

Accommodation in Shilhaandara Resort

Shilhaandara Resort solely emphasizes your cozy and luxurious stay for you in a corporate team, as a couple, or with family. Ramanagara’s resort is steeped in heritage with natural landscapes and adventurous terrain.

  1. Soumithre: The premium rooms are categorized into two types – a pool room, and the other standard room. The luxurious pool rooms give access to private pools. The pool rooms are ideal for private honeymooners, families, and larger groups looking for relaxation in their own private zones. Lazing by these pools becomes more exquisite as you bathe under the shadow of rustling trees with majestic granite hills serving as the perfect backdrop.

On the other hand, standard rooms are absolutely spacious rooms, providing bewildering views of the landscapes. Soumithre furnishes key features like:

  • Private swimming pool (pool rooms)
  • Welcome Drink
  • Premium Fast Internet
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Personal Air-conditioning
  • Minibar
  • Laundry Service
  • The option of Full Meal Packages
  • Access to Complimentary Games
  • Premium Chef’s Amenities
  • Large work desk
  • Tea & coffee-making facilities
  • Electronic Safe
  1. Sougandhika provides access to a private heated jacuzzi and ultra-modern bathroom. The rooms have the finest luxury and comforting touch of exquisite decor. The rooms provide ultimate relaxation while soaking in the warmth of a jacuzzi with paranormal views. The key features of Sougandhika inculcate:
  2. Private Jacuzzi
  3. Welcome Drink
  4. Premium Fast Internet
  5. Flat-screen TV
  6. Air-Conditioned Rooms
  7. Minibar
  8. Laundry Service
  9. The option of Full Meal Packages
  10. Access to Complimentary Games
  11. Premium Chef’s Amenities
  12. Large work desk
  13. Tea & coffee-making facilities
  14. Electronic Safe
  1. Tent Stay: To give you a splendid experience of camping in a resort itself, Shilhaandara has an outstanding option for stay – the tent stay. The night under a star-lit sky, the whistling granite hills lulling you to a soothing sleep doesn’t sound enticing? If you are seeking a real adventure of nature, then a tent stay would impeccably go along with your choice. The key features of a tent stay include:
  2. Private Tent
  3. Welcome Drink
  4. Premium Chef’s Amenities

How to Reach Shilhaandara Resort?

The Shilhaandara resort is at a distance of 55 km from Bangalore city, having the nearest airport – Kempegowda International Airport at a distance of 82 km from the resort.

What is Nearby Shilhaandara Resort?

Shilhaandara Resort, situated on a stupendous mountain, brings in a list of adventure and nature perfect views. The following places nearby Shilhaandara Resort should be on your list of the trip while being in the resort:

  • Innovative Film City – 14 km
  • Wonderla – 14 km
  • Savandurga – 17 km

If a blend of nature and adventure with ancient ambience tempts you, then you must include Shilhaandara Resort in your checklist. Explore the heights of granite hills, relish enthrallment in adventure activities, savor some scrumptious cuisines, and keep gazing at the phenomenal beauty of the bewitching landscape. So, what is resisting you from booking your slots for a package to Shilhaandara Resort?

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