Trending jobs are on top demand during the pandemic

At present, the world is suffering from the recession along with the coronavirus epidemic. In such a situation, layoffs are being done in many companies. Many people have lost their jobs due to Corona, but there are still many job roles for which there is a top trending job demand. Today we are going to tell you about these jobs.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become the lifeline of many companies. In the era of online information, companies are trying to bring more returns by reducing their marketing expenses. Digital marketing is a trading career option in the global market, because there is no question of doing traditional marketing in the Corona era.

Online Teaching

Online Teaching is most needed during the Corona epidemic. All schools and colleges are partially closed. Students need teachers to help them in their studies. In such a situation, online teaching is the only option. If you are fond of teaching, then online teaching is an attractive career option.

Cyper Security

In the new era, due to digital transformation, cyber security will remain at the center. The development of secure payment gateways and security walls will drive this market forward. It will use things like blockchain, application program interface (API) to prevent cybercrime and financial fraud.

Data Scientist

We depend on internet for entertainment, education and work. During the Corona era, millions of people are working from home, due to which the usage of data has increased worldwide. With this growth, opportunities in the field of Network Engineers, Technical Engineers and Data Science in the Tech Industry will increase.

Artificial Intelligence

AI focuses on building smart machines that mimic human intelligence. Skilled people are needed in this sector to understand the learning methods of a machine, how to take data input and how to take information. This is an important skill in IR 4.0 (Industrial Revolution), in which everything is being automated.

Risk Management

We are living in extraordinary times. Risk management plays an important role amid epidemic-like uncertainties. It is a necessary skill to understand various situations, analyze results, predict and prepare the company for its impact.


Trending Jobs

The epidemic has encouraged us to think sensitively for our careers and has also brought about how unprecedented events can lead to complete change. It is time to be sensible in our career choices. Our career decisions should be according to the post COVID – 19 world.

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