Positive changes have come in life due to lockdown

Coronavirus has brought a time of uncertainty and difficulty in all our lives, but due to this we have got many unique opportunities. In this lockdown, we have a chance to think about the positive aspects of life. We have proved that when we have no other choice, we adapt ourselves to the circumstances. positive changes have come in life.

In the lockdown people had to reconcile between their professional and personal life. By doing this, people proved that through better planning, we can balance our work and life.

Most people are finding time for themselves, which they could not find in the normal lifestyle. Such people are taking care of themselves because of the lockdown. Along with spending time with the family, they are also enjoying things like exercise, cooking.

Interestingly, this has increased the productivity of people, because people are getting rest as well as motivation. There is no escaping time to and from office, due to which the stress of morning and evening routine has been reduced. This is improving people’s health and positive changes have come in life.

The emission of co2 is also decreasing due to reduced travel. This has had a major impact on climate change and zero-carbon policies. Along with saving people’s money, their time is also being saved.

The biggest positive effect of lockdown has been on the environment. Traffic noise is over, pollution levels have come down. The sky has become so clear that a series of Himalayas is visible from Jalandhar. The water of the rivers has once again become clean and clean.

We realized that it is not necessary for everyone to be face to face for meetings. We can easily do meetings from home with the help of technology. Also, we are saving a lot of time by meeting on video conferencing, which we can use elsewhere.

Organizations will no longer require much office space. If we make smart decisions then the overhead cost of our businesses will be reduced, but if you work from home, you will have to create an office-like environment so that you can work diligently.

In the coming days, we will probably replace the traditional desk space with an agile zone, where we will be able to work with the cooperation of colleagues. At the same time, household chores will be part of our quiet zone.


For most of us, the meaning of work has changed. We feel that we do not work just for money. Some people may have felt that our career is part of our identity, a symbol of our purpose and freedom.

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