Tracy Cortez

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Tracy Cortez {-140} DEFEATS Melissa Gatto {+120} via 3 round DECISION on UFC274. Will Go 3 rounds {-185} & Cortez wins by decision {+130} hits!

Tracy Cortez (red corner) and Melissa Gatto (blue corner) exchange punches during thier women’s

flyweight bout during UFC 274. Cortez defeated Gatto via judges decision.

Tracy Cortez and Melissa Gatto, first women to fight in the heavyweight division

Tracy Cortez says she is none worse for wear in after fight press conference after decision victory over melissa gatto at UFC 274.

Melissa Gatto unfazed by Tracy Cortez’s ‘hype’, says UFC 274 will prove ‘I’m real’

Tracy Cortez, Arizona native and longtime partner of fellow UFC contender Brian Ortega, now meets Melissa Gatto at UFC274

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