The Lost City

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Once opposing any reasonable film industry assumptions and becoming one of the greatest netting non-tentpoles the similarly noteworthy backbone shown by The Lost City.

The Sandra Bullock/Channing Tatum romantic comedy experience has procured $95 million homegrown following 45 days in theaters.

That is a 3.125x multiplier from its $30.4 million opening end of the week.

it has taken drops of 51%, 38%, 31%, 30%, 12% and 27% over its second-through seventh end of the week in theaters.

That The Batman sank like a stone subsequent to showing up on HBO Max on day 46 (in the wake of earning $370 million) may have been a happenstance.

Tom Cruise is the greatest famous actor Paramount has and that Mission: Impossible is their solitary excess A+ establishment.

it's currently doubtful than it would have been had it remained dramatically select for the following month.

Lost City procured $2.8 million last end of the week, so dislike it would have slithered to $150 million homegrown whenever left untouched.

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