Boris Becker

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Boris Becker was the youngest men's champion in the competition and the first to win it.

Nearly 37 years later on a cold afternoon, Baker was jailed for two and a half years at Southwark Crown Court

He was found guilty of breaching UK insolvency laws after declaring bankruptcy in 2017, due to creditors about £50m.

It was a humiliating fate for the six-time Grand Slam champion, who was nicknamed "Boom Boom" for his domineering serve.

Baker's success in tennis was marred by a turbulent personal life and frequent financial difficulties. During the trial, Baker stated that 

he had earned a "large sum of money" during his career, but that his income had "dramatically decreased" after retiring in 1999.

And after years spent in legal battles, Baker's downfall was as long as his climb.

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