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Apple's stock price fell 2% after CFO Luca Maestri said supply chain issues would lead to a loss of $8 billion in third-quarter sales.

Shares fell more than 9% after Amazon disclosed weaker-than-expected revenue guidance for the second quarter.

Shares of Roku rose more than 4% after the digital media player maker reported a sale Thursday that exceeded expectations in its most recent quarter. 

Shares fell more than 3% after Intel issued weak guidance for its fiscal second quarter, yielding stronger-than-expected earnings last quarter

The retail brokerage stock fell nearly 10% after first-quarter report that showed declining revenue and monthly active users

Alibaba jumped more than 10%, Pinduoduo jumped 15% and Baidu jumped more than 8%.

Shares jumped 2% after Honeywell reported higher-than-expected earnings. Honeywell posted earnings of $1.91 per share on revenue of $8.38 billion.

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