Liz Sheridan

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Born: 10 April 1929

Elizabeth Ann Sheridan was an American entertainer and artist. Conceived 10 April 1929, Rye, New York, United States.

During the 1970s, Sheridan showed up on Broadway in plays and musicals.

Liz Sheridan, who played gushing mother to Jerry Seinfeld on his hit sitcom.

You're an awesome, superb kid. Everyone likes you. Enjoying you's unthinkable not.

Harris, who played hot-tempered parent to Jason Alexander's George Costanza, additionally was 93.

who kicked the bucket in 2003. Sheridan is made due by her little girl and child in-regulation, as indicated by Hendon.

Her Seinfeld job as Helen was her most popular however followed many years of work in front of an audience and screen.

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