Philippine election

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the Philippines that could see the child of a late despot chose for the country's most noteworthy office.

65.7 million enlisted electors the nation over cast their polling forms to supplant libertarian pioneer Rodrigo Duterte.

the presidency, former Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr is facing off against Leni Robredo -- currently the vice president 

eight different up-and-comers, including previous boxing champion Manny Pacquiao and Manila city chairman and previous entertainer Isko Moreno.

Citizens are additionally choosing the bad habit administration in a different race from the administration.

Rising living expenses and handling debasement are among the issues the up-and-comers have battled on.

A success for Marcos Jr would return the Marcos tradition to the MalacaƱang Palace, over thirty years after the family escaped a mass uprising in 1986.

The Marcos family has repeatedly denied abuses under martial law and using state funds for their personal use.

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