Moon Knight Episode 6

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Has Marc Spector developed into his own as a superhuman.

The episode starts off with Harrow, who recovers Ammit's ushabti from Marc's dead body and takes it to Giza so he can release the goddess there.

Moon Knight is back, baby. This time, he transitions seamlessly between Marc and Steven. They work together.

Khonshu urges Marc to kill Harrow with Ammit within him, however Marc rejects.

Jake's the person who carried out mass homicide at numerous focuses during the season.

I don't think you know however much you figure you do," Steven says with a grin.

The creative mind is genuine," Dr. Harrow answers. "This seat, the work area, the light were all originally made in the creative mind.

Marc Spector halted Ammit, reconciled with his life as a youngster injury, change, and spouse, and believes he's liberated from Khonshu.

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