Laguna Niguel

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She smelled the smoke first and rose up out of her home to see the fire develop rapidly.

She said she has companions nearer to the fire who have proactively been cleared from their homes.

The breeze has since appeared to have changed courses, blowing smoke toward the east.

Fire airplane have been flying between the fire and the green since the fire began, getting water from its lake to take to the fire.

The fire had hustled through the local area, annihilating something like 20 miles in the Coronado Pointe region. No wounds have been accounted for.

Around 5:30 p.m. Orange County sheriff's appointees drove down Via Estoril declaring by means of amplifier, "There's a fire coming. Empty.

He pulled the nursery hoses out and ensured the region was prepared for firemen.

he said, in light of the fact that it simply pulls water pressure away from firemen's hoses.

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