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This grey’s anatomy ERA was truly a SIGN of the TIMES

addison montgomery is back on grey’s anatomy again Tomorrow

You are watching the 2 best trio of Grey’s Anatomy

So how much is David Hamilton offering you?" Edison asked. "Rumors are everywhere

Meredith Grey, back in the neuro, pissing people off," replied Edison. "It's like I never left.

Here’s some gorgeous candids from last night’s Greys400 party!

During Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Should I Stay or Should I Go," Dr. Addison

Montgomery (Kate Walsh) returns to the Gray Sloan Memorial while Meredith

(Ellen Pompeo) has second thoughts about leaving the hospital. That's why they are called home.

The last THREE original cast members on the 400th grey’s anatomy EPISODE celebration what a huge accomplishment for James Pickens Jr, Ellen Pompeo and Chandra Wilson

Ellen Pompeo on the red carpet of the celebration for the 400 episodes of Greys Anatomy

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