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Jack Harlow Explains How He Got Dua Lipa’s ‘Blessing’ for His New Song… ‘DuaLipa’

finally gave fans some of the inner details behind the creation of his viral song, "Dua Lipa."

Jack Harlow reveals that he received Dua Lipa approval before the song 'Dua Lipa' was released on his album:

I faced him and played him for his reason, I didn't want him to feel blind or

pass out. She was like 'Oh, I mean this isn't my song. I hope that's okay

While chatting with The Breakfast Club in an episode that premiered on Friday (May 6), the Grammy nominee revealed

that Lipa hasn't addressed the new song publicly, but is in private to get her approval. reached him.

He further added that the conversation between the two artists is "less

awkward" now as the song has broken the ice. "We'll see how the record does.

think when the song comes out, she'll appreciate it even more."

dua lipa has become a fashion icon. no matter what she wears, it's so good

Dua Lipa performing “Good In Bed” in Antwerp tonight!

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