DJI Mini 3 Pro 

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The DJI Mini 3 Pro (beginning at $669) takes the super light Mini series configuration, adds a truly updated camera.

finishes everything off with front oriented snag sensors, a component missing from the essential Mini 2 ($449.99).

the Mini 3 Pro generally beats its bigger kin, going with it our new Editors' Decision grant champ for fan camera drones.

DJI fostered its unique Mavic Mini robot (delivered in 2019) considering a particular objective.

That implied making a quadcopter with a sub-250g weight, and the Mini came in at 249g, barely shy of 8.8 ounces.

The first Mini was a strong idea, however its underpowered engines battled on blustery days.

The Mini 2 fixed that issue and highlighted a somewhat better camera, however didn't do much in any case to stand apart from that first version.

The Pro model purposes a superior camera with a more extensive point and gap, lossless advanced zoom, a vertical slant, and the choice to shoot 9:16 film for Instagram Stories.

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