connor Heyward 

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Connor Heyward in the 6th round with the No. 208 generally pick, the Steelers added their fourth sets of siblings to the program.

The Steelers previously had three arrangements of kin, yet with the expansion of guarded tackle Cameron Heyward's sibling.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a family undertaking and on Day Three of the 2022 NFL Draft the group added one more sets of siblings to their crew.

Connor supported Cam when he was drafted 11 years ago, now the big bro gets to support the little bro as well.

Connor says he will either reside with his grandma or his sibling and will probably reside with one of them while he searches for a spot.

There are currently seven sets of brothers on NFL teams. At four pairs, the Steelers have the most by a wide margin. 

The fourth arrangement of siblings on the Steelers is cautious handles Carlos Davis and Khalil Davis.

they were hitched at Westin Convention Center at the Pittsburgh Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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