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Here is a pick-by-pick take a gander at how every player Cleveland has chosen will fit.

Cleveland exchanged back out of the subsequent round, then chose a corner with its most memorable pick of the draft in the third round.

first look, it's hard to see where Emerson fits in, temporarily.

The Browns just gave Denzel Ward a huge expansion and spent a first-round pick keep going year on Greg Newsome II.

Catching Wright gives them a player that fills a need, both temporarily (forthcoming Clowney re-marking) and in the long haul.

Outside All-Pro Myles Garrett, the Browns don't have much in that frame of mind of youthful, sprouting ability along their guarded line.

Cleveland will rely on Bell to supplement No. 1 WR Amari Cooper under inclusion immediately.

The Browns have battled to track down a drawn out reply at kicker as of late.

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