Tiger Justyn Ross

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Previous Clemson Tiger Justyn Ross never heard his name brought in the 2022 NFL Draft.

The last time Clemson had only two players chose in the draft was in 2008, when Tommy Bowden was the lead trainer in the 2008 NFL Draft.

It's a record low for the Dabo Swinney period, as the past low was three out of 2018.

He got 46 passes for a group high 1,000 yards, with nine scores.

His 21.7-yard normal per get was a solitary season school record among players with no less than 20 gatherings.

He was named a first-group rookie All-American by 247 Sports.

In 2019, Ross pulled in a group high 66 gets for 865 yards and nine scores.

An incredible blocker, he projects as a beginning external collector or large space from the get-go in his profession.

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