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On June 13, 1980, it seems that ordinary Texon Housewife Candy Montgomery (Jessica Beel) went to her friend

Betty Gor (Meli Linski) House and brutally murdered her with an ax. A church-swing, married

mother reached a point where she hit another woman with a blade 42 times? Was it jealous or self -defense?

Nick Antoska ("The Act") and Robin Weth ("Mad Main" unpacked before and after the incident,

which Stark in an effective five-hour mini-series in Hulu's "Candy", Horror- The esc will be revealed with

storytelling. Five consecutive nights on streaming giant, tonight, from 9 May.

It is now an industry that this specific story is already under the title "Love and Death" with Elizabeth Olsen, Jessie Playns, Patrick Fugit and Lily Rabe

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