Rosa Bonheur French animals   penter born Marie-Rosalie   Bonheur ,
 Born: 16 March 1822
 Died: 25 May 1899,

 Rosa Bonheur 

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Famous for French painter and sculptor famed for the remarkable accuracy and detail of her pictures featuring animals.


Following Rosa's success at the 1848 Salon (awarded with a gold medal), she was commissioned by the French government to create a large paintingin the world.


17th century when animal-specialist painters began to contribute to other artists' paintings, landscapes or history paintings in the world. Lions enjoy with family 


 Bonheur was also adept in paintings oil ,watercolor (as in the lion painting above) and various drawing media, as well as in many printmaking and sculpture techniques. With all pait animals 

 Rosa just amazing   painting of horse 17th century

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Bonheur Rosa

 Rosa is best painter in world making pet animal. 

 Bonheur Rosa

 for painting honor the tradition of field plowing by animal power  in the world.