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Barry's Explosion Season 3—And Things Are Deeper Than Ever

HBO's favorite hitman actor is depressed, out of work, and yearning for forgiveness

In Sunday's premiere, Barry is standing in an open field and eating a breakfast, while we hear a man pleading for his life.

'Barry' is at its best when Barry is at his worst. And Season 3 is a master class: Bill Hader's HBO comedy about a hitman with 

Hollywood aspirations is darker than ever in Season 3, which premieres Sunday after a three-year hiatus.

Season 3 of Barry is the best thing on TV this year. A wonderful show that can be just so absurd and so seriously dark at the same time without

becoming a copy of Coen-brothers or anything. It is it's own thing. Bill Hader is fantastic, and Henry Winkler suprises me this year.

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