T20 2022

The only T20 international match of the Pakistan vs Australia T20I series 2022 will be held at Gaddafy Stadium, Lahore on 5 April 2022

 Australia won the toss and opt to bowl. It was certainly was, the way our bowlers attacked after the start game.

Mohammad Wasim Jr to Finch, FOUR, fine shot. Full on the stumps, Finch backs away and smashes the loft

 To make it much better, his 8-wicket 'Player of the Match' performance helped Australia record their first Test series win in Asia since 2011. 

 Haris Rauf to McDermott, FOUR, but McDermott finishes it off for Australia. They end the tour on a high.

Shaheen Afridi to Finch, 1 run, slower good length on off, Finch mistimes the drive, but takes a single to cover

A punch of the air from McDermott after the winning shot and Australia in the dressing room are happy and celebrate.

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