Maj. Gen. William  Cooley 

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The U.S. military has finished with the very first conviction of an Air Force general in a court military.

Maj. Gen. William T. Cooley was tracked down blameworthy on Saturday of harmful sexual contact for persuasively kissing his sister by marriage after a grill in 2018.

The attack was like an "F5 cyclone," Cooley's sister by marriage affirmed, "destroying everything in its way.

Making the best decision, shouting out, coming clean, ought not be this hard.

Last year Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., referred to responsibility for rape in the military as "vanishingly uncommon.

The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base close to Dayton, Ohio, Cooley's sister by marriage said Cooley mentioned a ride after a 2018 grill where he drank liquor.

kissing her and contacting her bosom and crotch without her assent. She likewise said Cooley yanked her hand and contacted it to his groin.

While this cycle has been unimaginably obtrusive, for my purposes, yet additionally my close family and dearest companions,

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