SEO Kaise Karte hai

SEO is the main basic steps for website ranking. we provide some important tips of SEO to do ranking first. By these steps you can get more traffic for your websites. Your content is also the most important basic thing for your website. All content is unique firstly, not any copied content in your article.

Website analysis

  1. Basic on-page analysis
  2. content analysis
  3. Row idea of got & time frame

Scope of Project

  1. Discussion on business goals budget range & expectation
  2. Question & clarifications on call chat & emails

Keyword & competitor analysis

  1. Finding most Profitable keywords
  2. Competitor analysis
  3. Client’s keywords analysis
  4. Finalising the targeted keywords for page 1

Campaign Planning

  1. Finalising SEO plan features
  2. Scheduling campain execution
  3. Setting up reporting dates & introduction of concern team

OnSite Optimization

  1. Metatags optimization of the entire site
  2. Code analysis & optimization if needed
  3. Installation of site map analytics & webmaster tools
  4. SEO copywriting if needed

Social media marketing

  1. Creation & maintenance of professional profiles on facebook, twitter, linkedin etc
  2. Video creation & marketing
  3. Brand building

Link builiding & Off site SEO

  • White-hat link building
  • Contextual blogposts, unique content link marketing, article submissions press releases, Authority site links.

Tracking & Reporting

  1. Monthly plan performance analysis
  2. Regular site health checkup
  3. Rankings track every 5th day
  4. Plan modifications if needed
  5. Detailed reporting to client

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