National games of the world’s top 10 economies

Playing a concubine according to the rules, which aims to improve the physical ability and skills, as well as entertain the audience. In this article, we prepared the list of national games of those countries which are counted among the top 10 economies of the world.

United States

Baseball is the national sport of the United States. The first baseball game recorded on record was played in 1845 between the Knickerbockers of Cartwright and the New York Baseball Club. The game’s popularity was unquestioned by the 1860s and was already known as America’s “National Pastime”.


So the People’s Republic of. China has not officially declared any national sport, but by virtue of popularity, table tennis can be called the national game of China. In this game two _ players have to hit a ball across the table with a small bat.


Sumo wrestling is considered the national sport of Japan. It is a competitive full-contact wrestling game, where one rishi (wrestler) takes another wrestler out of a circular ring (duh) or any other body part other than the sole of his foot. Attempts to peel off the ground.


Football is a national sport in Germany. Games in Germany began in the early 20th century when football lovers started clubs and championships despite negative opinions from people in the country.


According to a recent RTI, the Indian Sports Ministry has made it clear that it has not declared any sport as a national sport. In contrast, the Government of India National Portal has posted an article praising field hockey under the title ‘National Sports’.


Although many sports are played and hosted by France, the most popular sports here are football, tennis, and cycling. But, the number of licensed players in football is the maximum. That is why the people of France consider its national sports games.

United Kingdom

Cricket is the national sport of the United Kingdom and became popular in the country in the 17th century itself. There are currently 18 professional county clubs in the UK, all of which are named after historic counties. Each summer these county clubs participate in the First Class County Championship, which consists of two leagues of top teams. Four-day matches are played in it.


Football (Calcio in Italian) is a national sports games in Italy. It is the most popular sport in the country. Currently, Italy ranks among the top three most successful football teams in World Cup history, after Brazil (5) and Germany (4). Won four FIFA World Cup titles.


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that is a combination of dance and music and a play of tricky moose. It is culturally significant and developed during colonial times by slaves. Although football remains the most popular sport in this South American nation


The country has two national sports – – Ice Hockey (Winter) and Lacrosse (Summer). Ice hockey and lacrosse are considered national sports under the National Sports Act of Canada. A sport commonly played as ice hockey is recognized as the Canadian national winter sport, while lacrosse is considered the national summer sport of Canada.


It is a fact that any sport as a national sport of a country is either based on the popularity of the game or on the history and culture of that country. National sports of countries are considered essential for that country or that sport is important for their cultural values.

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