Most Interesting Career Options of Modern Time

The introduction of digital media has opened up a new world of opportunities as people are now trying to move away from the traditional jobs of an engineer, doctor, or teacher to find different career options that match their potential and passion. Let’s take a look at the top 8 interesting new – old career options in India currently.

Stand-up comedian

If you have funny jokes that can make people laugh, then this career option is perfect for you. There are many prominent stand-up comedians like Kapil Sharma, Veer Das, whose own shows and videos have gone viral on social media. However, anyone can perform in any medium and earn a good amount for each show.

App developers

The mobile revolution and smartphone in India have opened a new career avenue in the market. Anyone who wants a break in the industry, from iOS to Android and Android to BlackBerry, if there is an app that needs to be developed, there will be no shortage of people to choose a business that is looking for a break in the industry. This is another new-age career option that anyone can choose and make people’s lives easier.

Social media handlers

The demand for social media handlers has increased due to the increasing popularity of social media in India. These unique professionals are much needed due to the ever-increasing activities in the marketing of products, companies, and digital space.


From restaurants to tech gadgets, people generally don’t buy things without reviewing them, without knowing about the place or product. These reviewers are well paid to write reviews on restaurants, hotels, and gadgets. Interestingly, there are many sites where anyone can find such reviews. This out-of-the-box career option is rapidly increasing its pace.

Wedding Photographer

Weddings are a grand event in India and have become a billion-dollar industry. Thanks to this the industry has contributed to a good job for wedding photographers. With the destination marriage, the videography and photography field of the event has evolved. Apart from Wedding Photographers, there are also Wedding Film Makers, which are earning well.

Graphic designer

Nowadays, people rarely read the pure text, so if you want readers to stay on your site, then you should add well-crafted eye-catching images to the content. Also, research proves that visuals increase engagement by at least 10 percent, so the increasing demand for visuals has led to graphic designing as a career and skill. If you are fond of sketching and painting then you can choose to become a graphic designer.

Cyber ​​security expert

If we talk about the digital world, then safety in the virtual world is as important for people today as it is in the physical world. ID theft and financial fraud have become a common occurrence. Professionals who can control cybercrimes are in great demand in the market. If you want to become a cyber soldier, who can help people stay safe from enemies, consider being a cybersecurity expert.

AI Architect

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly common in business and consumer life. According to the report, in 2020, firms will be looking for skilled workers to help meet the demand for AI-enabled products and services. The demand for candidates with knowledge of machine learning, natural language processing, AI integration, AI application programming, and change management experience will increase.


When traditional career options have become very competitive, these new-age career options are increasing, giving young people attractive salaries – as well as the opportunity to live their passion. The most important thing is that you must have the passion and skills to choose these new career options.

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