Making attractive packaging in 2023

Making your attractive packaging in 2023 will allow you to reach your annual sales targets. It is one of the most powerful marketing tools for a business. A well-crafted combination in your marketing strategy can be a real asset to consumers craving new product experiences.

Your primary objective in designing your cheap custom boxes by US box printing is to convince the consumer to choose your product and not another. Convince them to reach out and grab the product (or get their cursor to click on the product), and in three seconds have the customer put it in the cart (both in life real and virtual). Given the health context of COVID-19, you need a head start on the competition.

That’s why our editorial team wrote this article for you. It’s a way for us to support you in the design of your packaging. Effective packaging to sell your product to buyers, online and offline.

A good design to stand out Treat your packaging as a unique creation Today’s hottest consumer brands are using their creativity to stand out. Even if it means using works known to the general public or monuments on their packaging, using negative space, and even transforming their packaging into a vintage style.

Your packaging belongs to you, it represents you visually. This unique creation will be your first contact with your prospects who will attribute an image to your brand.

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Use of negative space

Negative space represents the area in a photo behind your main subject. It is often categorized as background. Unlike positive space, which will be the main subject of your design.

Solid and unique colors do not neglect the color of your packaging, matching its colors well can be a winner in your marketing strategy. Warm colors or cold colors, build your graphic charter if it is not already done, and highlight your colors. Using a color that is not common will make you stand out from the competition. A rather flashy color will catch the consumer’s eye and put you forward.

Make room for connected packaging

A major factor in modern packaging design is the QR code. Today, with the rise of connected packaging, we have also written an article on this topic. A QR code is unique, like a fingerprint, it allows you to quickly identify and communicate specific information on each of your packaging.

It’s a way for you to ensure continuity in the customer relationship you have with your consumers. Convenient design for the consumer

Convenient design for the consumer

Your packaging design has to do double duty. More and more consumer goods companies are selling online – sometimes exclusively online. It’s up to you to position yourself and adapt your packaging according to its destination.

The grip of your packaging will depend on the consumer’s use, you will score points for providing packaging that is resistant and practical to carry. In addition, reusable packaging will allow you to take a step towards eco-responsibility. If you want to learn more about recycling packaging, we wrote an article about it:

It is, therefore, appropriate to prepare your packaging design well and offer your consumers innovative and creative packaging. Stand out from the competition and then increase your sales.

While our tips above are just the beginning of what 2023 has in store, we look forward to learning more about packaging design innovations and trends you can implement to shine in 2023. and future years.

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