Learn how Amla enhances its own immune system


The entire human race is suffering worldwide due to the corona virus epidemic and plays an important role in enhancing the body’s immunity, maintaining better health. We all know that prevention is better than cure. Although there is no medicine for COVID-19 yet, it would be good to take preventive measures that enhance our immune system at this time.

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Amla is a food item that is cheap, easily available and can help boost immunity. Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, helps to boost immunity and keep diseases away. Here are 7 reasons that suggest that Amla is good for your immunity.

Amla contains chromium which can help in reducing bad cholesterol in the body. You know that the heart is another important organ that can be affected by the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, it is best to take a healthy diet for the heart.

Amla has many antioxidants that can help neutralize pre radicals, which will protect you from many diseases. In addition, amla has antibacterial properties that can help to detoxify your system. Even these can reduce pimples and rasies.

Obesity is not only a disease, but is associated with many diseases including heart disease and diabetes. Amla can help in achieving a healthy BMI for weight loss. The fiber present in the gooseberry keeps it energetic for a long time and improves digestion.

As we all know that corona virus is a respiratory infection, so it is important to strengthen the respiratory system. Amla has been used for a long time to relieve cough and cold symptoms. Apart from this, vitamin C present in amla improves immunity.

Amla keeps your body healthy by helping with your liver detoxification process. It also produces bile to help digest fat and produces proteins necessary for overall health. Amla increases liver function and protects this vital organ from toxicity, even cancer.

Amla is easily available in the market and can be consumed in various ways. You can get packaged amla jam, marmalade and pickle in the market, but it is best to make them at home for maximum benefit.


A strong immune system is the first line of defense against the virus. The easiest way to strengthen it is a healthy diet. A healthy and balanced diet, which is full of nutrients, is the best way to improve our immunity.

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