Information related to cannabis industry

Information about the cannabis industry

‘Today i.e. on 4/20 we are going to talk about the cannabis industry. The cannabis trade was previously banned in many places but has been legalized for medical and adult use in many countries such as Canada, the US, Argentina, and Mexico. Many cannabis businesses have been opening up since gaining legitimacy. Read further for information related to this industry:

The cannabis industry encompasses many legal functions related to marijuana and non-alcoholic hemp. The industry can be divided into 4 parts

The global hemp market today is valued at $ 150 billion. According to the study, this figure could increase to $ 272 billion by 2028.

Medical marijuana is used to treat neurological diseases such as cancer, arthritis and anxiety, depression, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

People in the legal marijuana business are finding new opportunities for jobs. In the US alone, 9,397 licenses have been granted to farmers, manufacturers, dispensaries, and labs for this business.

There is a lot of competition among the people in this business, as very few companies have the technology, financial resources, and legal approvals to manufacture medical marijuana.

The number of companies related to Marijuana on the stock exchange is small, but investors have the option of over-the-counter exchanges. Most of the new companies in this business are located in Canada and other countries.

Canada has taken a major step by legalizing cannabis, as it prevents market profits from the hands of criminals and the government also gets tax on its legal sales.

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