How to Grow your Business Using Content Marketing

Some Tips for growing business

Providing prospects with relevant content and engaging them in a conversation about their needs will create a unique relationship with your brand. In order to grow our business, businesses have to adapt content marketing into their strategy.

  1. Social Media Strategy defines the objectives and tools necessary to achieve them.
  2. Start a company board on Pinterest and pin content relevant for your audience.
  3. Webinars (online seminars) are a simple way of getting sales leads.
  4. Press releases add edibility and each to your business, help generate awareness and leads.
  5. Local search if you want to drive people to your location.
  6. Mobile optimized and responsive website to provide a better experience for people on the go.
  7. Your website is where all traffic should go.
  8. Landing pages for special offers, downloads, promotions.
  9. Search Engine Optimization helps users find your site.
  10. Analytics to measure and monitor visitors’ behavior on your site.
  11. Engage your audience on Facebook with updates, advice, and promotions. Consider paid promotion for wider reach.
  12. Linkedin helps you manage your professional relationships, grow your business network, and connect with new prospects.
  13. Share up to the minute news and updates on Twitter Consider using hashtags to maximize reach.
  14. Channel can feature training videos, diet testimonials, and product demos.
  15. Create a Google+ profile for your business.
  16. Email marketing is the ultimate sales tool.
  17. PPC to target potential customers effectively.
  18. Marketing automation to increase efficiency.
  19. Sign up forms for lead capture.

This is a wisdom tree of content marketing for your business. The solid roots (IT infrastructure, SEO, and analytics) are necessary to sustain the trunk (your website) to carry the weight of social media activities (the crown) that bring you the leads and convert them into sales.

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