How to become SUCCESS in Social Media


  1. RESEARCH AND KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE – Use Google Analytics to see what are your best-performing articles.
  2. PICK YOUR SOCIAL PLATFORMS – There are only so many hours in a day, pick your battles.
  3. PICK YOUR KPI – Unique Visits, Bounce Rates, Page Views, Social Sharing. Leads, Sales are just a few you can use.
  4. WRITE A SOCIAL MEDIA PLAYBOOK – Make your plan but make sure to review it every quarter and adjust it as needed.
  5. ALIGN YOUR COMPANY AROUND YOUR PLAN – Make it all transparent for all companies so everyone is accountable.
  6. SCHEDULE AN HOUR EACH WEEK TO SCHEDULE POSTS – When you hear breaking news in your industry, might be a good idea to adjust your schedule.
  7. CREATE A CONTENT BANK – Use Ever note or Wunderlist to keep track as it syncs all platforms and you can also easily share with others to get success on social media.
  8. POST RELEVANT CONTENT – Use Google Alerts to get the latest news.
  9. TREAT ALL SOCIAL CHANNELS SEPARATELY – Also remember that each site has different ideal image sizes.
  10. ASSIGN SOMEONE AS A CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE – This just depends on your company structure and resources.
  11. REPORTING – A monthly report is fine for most companies to analyze their position.
  12. REANALYZE – When A/B testing, make sure your content sticks with your overall marketing goals.
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