Ghostly places of the world, where you must visit.

It does not matter where you are in the world, no matter where you are living, there are some haunted places, haunted houses, hotels,ghostly places or old historical buildings in the world that are waiting for you. Further, there is a brief information about such haunted places around the world, where you must definitely visit.

Fortress of Ecclesia – Norway

Thousands of prisoners were killed during the Nazi regime at Ekasi Fort. Earlier, it served as a treacherous prison, where soldiers were ill-treated and in some cases kept murdered till death. Considering the horrific experiences of history, this fort has now become one of the famous haunted sites of Norway.

Reham Hall – England

The 400-year-old Rehm Hall is one of the world’s “Most Haunted Places” to date. It is said that the soul of the ‘Brown Lady’ wanders in this hall. ‘Brown Lady’, whose original name is Lady Dorothy Walpole. She was the sister of the first Prime Minister of Britain.

Bhangarh Fort – India

This abandoned fort is situated in the middle of the desert at one end of Sariska National Park in Alwar district of Rajasthan, two hundred miles from Delhi. If you are one of those tourists who are looking for a scary experience in traveling, then you must visit Bhangarh Fort, one of the most haunted or ghostly places in India.

Hashima Island – Japan

The island of Hashima has now become the abode of spirits. With the reduced movement of humans, the island has now become a ghost town, where you can hear strange whispers and other sounds.

Wonderland Amusement Park – China

It is quite a scary place in China. Although the construction of the amusement park was nearing completion, it was closed due to some differences with the local government. This park then turned into a scary place, where people are afraid to go alone.

St. Augustine Lighthouse – Florida

The US-based lighthouse became a haunted house during the Civil War when the lights were switched on to disrupt central ships. This had many other terrible results. Many visitors who visit here say that they have seen a friendly ghost of the lighthouse keeper.

Slack Cemetery – USA

Known as the ‘Gateway to Hell‘, the Sasat Cemetery in the United States is the union of ghosts. It is believed that a devil’s son was buried in this cemetery and since then, the devil arrives at the place at midnight during Halloween (a celebration).

Hoa Becky One – Romania

This forest is considered to be the most fearsome forest of the world. People who come here share a quite scary experience. Some people even say that they have seen ghosts in their eyes during the journey.

Gatesburg Battlefield – Pennsylvania

The Battle of Gatesburg was one of the biggest bloodshed of the Civil War, so it is no wonder why the region is suffering from paranormal energy? Many visitors have seen soldiers killed in civil war wandering in the fields here.

Dadipark – Belgium

The doors of this Belgian amusement park, opened during the 1950s, were closed ‘forever’ in 2002. This happened due to a tragic incident where a young boy laid his hand in 2000, after which people gained frightening experiences here. It is now one of the scariest places in Belgium.

Tuol Slenge – Cambodia

It was a school, which was converted into a prison by the then communist administration. Over 20 thousand protesting people were imprisoned in this prison. Most of which were brutally put to death, it is now one of Cambodia’s haunted or ghostly places of the world.

Cracco – Italy

The last time any human activity took place in this village was in 1963. After this, all the villagers living here were shifted to another place, as this village is considered cursed by evil spirits and paranormal activities.

Island of mexico – mexico

The dolls here are not just dolls, they are found all over the island, they move their hands, they whisper to each other and take the boatman to the island. But this sound is scary. The first glimpse of the island is enough to scare you.

Aukigahara – japan

The sign boards installed at the entrance of the Okigahra Forest in Japan are very surprising. Yes, it is written here, ‘Life is precious’,’ Please consult the police before you decide to die. ‘It is the most haunted suicide spot in the country with many paranormal activities till date.

Monte Cristo – Australia

This Australian slum has a series of unnatural deaths of young children who have fallen down the stairs, with caretakers brutally killing many children inside the hut premises. So many children were burnt alive there. It is one of the scary places of Australia.

Villad Hospital – US

Villad Hospital came into existence in 1869. It had the capacity to treat about 4, 000 patients at one time. About 50 in the hospital. 000 deaths occurred, of which only a few were natural. It is a very scary place in today’s date.

Lavang Seu, Semrang – Indonesia

Renowned as Indonesia’s most feared place, Lwang Sue witnesses a series of murders and brutal torture. During World War II, Japanese soldiers used the basement of this structure as a killing ground and various other horrific events.

Traveling in itself is a lot of fun, as you get a chance to explore new places and experience different cultures. But, visiting scary and haunting places will be quite thrilling and different.

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