An Ultimate Guide to the Chota Char Dham

The Chota Char Dham Yatra is received as one of the holiest places on earth which are situated in the Himalayas. The journey is so amazing that nothing can be compared to the visit to the Chota Char Dhams. Ganga, Yamuna, Vishnu, and Shiva have their presence in these four Dhams spread across Uttrakhand, and … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking to Everest base camp is not just any other common trek but a dream for many adventure seekers. It is an expedition in itself and offers a lot more than just a trekking experience. It has got an international reputation and is very famous for providing an unmatched view of the highest peak on … Read more

Shilhaandara Resort: Must Read Ultimate Guide Before you Visit

Shilhaandara Resort is beautifully located on splendid mountains, beholding striking picturesque views of nature and historical forts. The resort is 55 km from Bangalore city and is situated at around 300 ft. height of the mountain. Due to settling at the foothills of the Ramanagara rocks, the resort is a host of many adventurous and … Read more

These are the most difficult or hard road signs for drivers

Knowing and respecting the traffic signs is essential to drive as safely as possible. For this reason, in the official theoretical tests to obtain a driving license, there is always some question related to the signs and their meaning. The results of these tests reveal that some signals are especially problematic for users, registering error rates of more than 50%. As … Read more

Top 10 luxury resorts in Manali’s

1. Manuallaya Resort Manually is one of Manali’s most popular five-star resorts and embodies Himachal’s rich hospitality and heritage. Local organic food and Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese food can be savored by guests here. The Library Bar is well-known for its books and beer collection. There is a spa, a heating swimming pool, and a … Read more

Why trips are good for mental health.

There is no rocket science to understand that trips are good for your physical health. Scientific research suggests that moving to a new place can also do wonders for your mental and emotional health. Here are five ways that make your brain happy and healthy. Everyday part – Taking a break from running is important … Read more

You know why should we travel

Traveling is very interesting. Traveling is similar to searching in a way. Because when you travel, you take yourself to a place where you become as much a part of that place as that place is a part of your life. Travel opens your eyes. Travel also helps you learn, travel creates meaningful relationships. Traveling … Read more

Famous landmarks in the world

There are more than one man-made historical sites in different parts of the world, which you must know about. We are telling you about some such important places. Famous landmarks in the world. Taj Mahal Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world. The Taj Mahal was built by the Mughal Emperor … Read more

Ghostly places of the world, where you must visit.

It does not matter where you are in the world, no matter where you are living, there are some haunted places, haunted houses, hotels,ghostly places or old historical buildings in the world that are waiting for you. Further, there is a brief information about such haunted places around the world, where you must definitely visit. … Read more