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Best Luxury Handbag Brands in India 2021

Best Luxury Handbag Brands in India 2020

Since luxury bags in India have become part and parcel of every woman’s needs and wants, this post will guide you through some of the best luxury handbag brands you must consider before owning a masterpiece.

The importance of wearing the right outfit for the right occasion has always been impactful. Similarly, the fashion accessory plays a key role to complete such classic looks. Luxury handbags are one such accessory that has seen a major transition over the years in terms of its usage and needs. Since it is no longer a mere an essential item, it has become an important fashion piece. Since, handbags are the best friends of women, finding the right piece as per choice and requirement often becomes a daunting task due to numerous luxurious handbag brands available in the country. Therefore, this post will take you through some of the best brands that deal in luxury bags in India that are must to consider during your next purchase.


AMPM, launched in the year 2007, has eventually become one of the leading luxury brands in India. The brand draws inspiration from varied arts and craft forms from across the world to launch their signature creations. At AMPM, every handbag is meticulously created with precision and skill to denote the mindful details and hand-rendered motifs in a thoughtful manner. They offer bags in sumptuous colors and luxurious material treating every single piece as a modern-day piece. Thus, their concept of ‘less is more’ has been well identified and as they also strike the right balance between simplicity and elusiveness, they become worthy into the owner’s wardrobe.

Thus, due to its overall aesthetics, it has become a favorite among many leading personalities from the Bollywood fraternity, fashion influencers, sportsperson, and women entrepreneurs. So, the next time you wish to invest in the right handbag, consider checking their collection on their website or stores.  


Baggit is yet another famous handbag brand that offers the best quality bags at an affordable price. Some of the common things you will notice in their collection is vibrant colors, a dash of class, a style targeted to the market, and an affordable price tag. Since they offer bags in different sizes, materials, and prints, they are bought by the larger audience for varied occasions.


Manufactured by the parent company Bagzone, Lavie continues to be a famous lifestyle brand that fulfills the need of every woman in the handbag sector. Their colorful collection of handbags helps one colourfully redefining the style statement. Thus, for women who would love to carry a matching handbag with their outfit, consider buying from the Lavie collection.


Owned by VIP Industries who are leading players in the luggage industry, Caprese is their premium handbag brand in India that offers exquisite collection in eye-catching shades of color. With their chic look and ultra-covetable colors, their luxury bags have the power to complete one’s look for every occasion. Capitalizing on its age-old expertise, VIP Industries understands the Indian market and provides the best of its luxury class to serve the same.


Launched by Intouch Leather House India Pvt. Ltd., Esbeda is a leading handbag brand that suits the needs of every occasion. With their extensive knowledge in the bag market, their collection ranges from bridal, casual, or formal wear with variation in prints in the form of checked, solid, or printed handbags in all sizes. For the women who want to enable their bold statement, carry an Esbeda handbag to do the talking.

These are some of the major brands that offer luxury bags in India that not just offer variety in their collection but also reflect the choice of an Indian woman. From their exclusive collection to their casual, they all offer numerous choices to choose from for every kind of requirement.

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