Best HR Management Software in India to look into

HR Software or Human Resources is an integral component of every company, and managing employees and analyzing their information manually could be complicated for anyone human resources manager.

What is the most effective software for human resources in India? It’s not as straightforward. Like every other IT solution, the whole thing boils down to different aspects of your requirements.

Due to the abundance of available HRMS software, how do you pick the one that is most suitable for the needs of your company or business?

Instead of searching the web for every HR website in India with a pen and paper, you can check out our best HR and payroll program list, which we’ve put together below according to the diverse requirements of your company.


The initial Human resource software on this list is Keka, which is cloud-based, human resource (HR) software specifically designed to aid companies from diverse industries, including IT, banking finance, and many other industries in managing expense reports and employee reports as payroll performance using a single platform.

It’s a revolutionary HR management software that focuses on user experience and employees’ experience. It offers a completely integrated workflow for the processing of payroll and attendance management and timesheets.

Keka offers online payroll and employee tracking and monitoring time and performance reviews.


Freshteam is a simple and user-friendly HR software created by Freshworks that assists you in recruiting and managing employee information while improving HR management and workflows.

With major brands such as Bridgestone and large international corporations like Fiverr employing Freshteam to manage their HR processes, it could be said with confidence that Freshteam is a reliable and powerful software. Freshteam is a reliable and effective software utilized across different sectors.

Ultimate Business Systems (UBS)

In the growing world of technology and IT business, the tasks of managers are also increasing. When you are so digitized a modern HR solution becomes necessary to keep the same pace between work and management. Looking for a Human Resource Management Software? Ultimate Business System (UBS) provides one of the best HRMS software in Ahmedabad with the latest technology and customizable tools that handle the daily routine of an HR. 


The next program we’ll look at is SumHR it is a contemporary Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) built-in cloud technology. The greatest aspect of sumHR is it’s extremely user-friendly and user-friendly.

SumHR’s HR software on the cloud is an affordable SaaS application that offers HR professionals the ability to process payroll in India and attendance management. The management of talent and GPS to track employee activities, and much more.

They strongly believe in the “Startup” mindset and have designed their solution with the essential elements for the new company. It’s a great option for startups with small budgets and medium-sized businesses.


GreytHR Platform is a suite of cloud-based HR solutions designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). It provides tools for productivity that allow more effective management of employees, simpler HR processes, and professional service delivery for HR. The Employee Portal is for self-service for employees, and the manager can lead to higher employee satisfaction and overall time reductions.

It’s an outstanding cloud-based HR solution that offers all HR tools needed in a single portal. With over 25 years of experience with HR-related services, greytHR believes in offering solid HR and payroll solutions.


HROne is an enterprise-ready HCM suite that streamlines HR processes, reduces human interactions, and gives useful insights that can help build better workplaces. It’s India’s very first HCM suite that is as easy as email.

The first HRM software offers consumers a personalized experience within the B2B industry. It also offers useful data that speeds up the process of decision-making and produces faster results.


Qandle is a programmable HRMS software that is easily customizable according to a company’s specific procedures, processes, and policies. Qandle HR software makes way for simple control of workflows, payrolls, and travel and business expenses. This cloud-based application automates procedures associated with documentation as well as administrative processes.

Qandle offers you comprehensive HR software with a wealth of features that comprises 36 apps that cover your needs, ranging from HR fundamentals to talent management and payroll and business expenses. In addition, Qandle provides you with a comprehensive HR platform.

The IIT/IIM graduates who founded Qandle founded the company after they were unhappy with HR software in their previous employers. Today, it is the fastest-growing HR solution in India.

Officekit HR

OfficeKit is a full-time HR management system that lets HR teams handle everything from hiring employees and managing leave to administration and management of employees using an applicant tracking system, global payroll and compliance tools, time management tools, and more.

Office kit is among the best HR software designed for companies of all sizes that require speedy and efficient HR management. It’s fast, simple to use, and has all the features necessary for the complete HR solution.

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