Top 4 benefits of seedboxes

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns for torrent users in today’s day and age. The Internet is increasingly becoming more of a public space but that doesn’t mean that your privacy and anonymity need to be compromised. Torrent users who are very concerned about their privacy are always looking for safe and secure ways of downloading stuff from the Internet. One of the most effective ways of privately and securely downloading stuff from torrents is seedboxes which have gotten insanely popular among members of the torrent community in the past couple of years.benefits of seedboxes are there.

Seedboxes are nothing but remote servers that have the high-speed of data centers and are equipped with public IP addresses. Seedboxes are extensively used by torrent users around the world for privately and safely uploading and download of files while making use of torrents at insanely fast speeds. If you have been contemplating using seedboxes for the purpose of uploading and downloading files, but still haven’t been able to make up your mind, then read on further to know the key benefits of seedboxes along with the most compelling reasons for getting the same. Let’s get started!

1. Speed

Speed is one of the primary and most important benefits of seedboxes. The speeds of seedboxes range from 10Mbps to 1Gbps which makes them one of the fastest ways of downloading files from torrents. In comparison to your home internet connection, no matter howsoever fast, seedboxes will always be ridiculously fast. All you need to do is to set up the seedboxes, sit back, relax and avail the insanely fast speeds of seedboxes. When you use seedboxes you will be able to download torrent files in very less time. You won’t face any hurdles and will be able to download gigabytes of files in a matter of minutes.

Top 4 benefits of seedboxes

2. Security & Safety

Another important benefit of seedboxes is that you will get high-end security and safety from using them. This is because when you use seedboxes you won’t have to make use of any Bit Torrent clients on your PCs. When you use seedboxes, you won’t need to stress over MPAA or RIAA spying on you. No more worries about getting warning letters or DMCA notices from your Internet Service Provider. Seedboxes have gotten insanely popular among members of the torrent community in the past couple of years and it is mainly because of the 100% security that they offer.

3. Ratios

When you begin using seedboxes you will find it very easy and simple to maintain ratios. This is because seedboxes come with a huge hard drive which means that you will easily be able to download all of the files by using private trackers and later you can leave these files for the purpose of uploading. When you use seedboxes you won’t have to put in any additional efforts for the purpose of maintaining ratios. Further, you won’t have to stress even the slightest bit over upload traffic because everything on seedboxes is done remotely. So, if you are someone who often finds himself stressed over maintaining ratios on private trackers on torrents, then seedboxes are the way to go!

4. Uploading & Downloading

Most serious torrenters are more worried about seeding than they are about downloading. Such torrenters need to maintain good ratios or else there’s always a high risk of their accounts withering away and dying. With the help of seedboxes, users can easily achieve ratios of 1:1. Users can easily pause torrents, delete them and replace old torrents with new ones. Quick uploading and downloading is one of the most important reasons why people opt for seedboxes. Seedboxes don’t suffer from any sort of upload or download limitations and with the help of these efficient and very beneficial seedboxes, people can easily maximize their transfer rate.

The Bottom Line

There you go. Those were the top 4 benefits of seedboxes and you should use them, if you haven’t already done so. Further, they are highly convenient to use and when you use seedboxes you won’t have to use any computer that can eat your data allowance. When you begin using seedboxes you will no longer have to be stressed over your room mates downloading large files and then slowing down the Internet for everyone else. All you need to do is to set up seedboxes for the purpose of reading trackers and then you will be able to download different torrent files automatically.

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