Basic cooking tricks and tips

If you don’t know the same hidden basic cooking tricks and tips, then you are in the right place. Today, I am going to tell you simple kitchen hacks for our daily life and you must know this.

We are facing a lot of issues during our meal preparation, but I am sure after trying these new cooking tips it’s easier for you to manage everything.

Cooking or cookery is the art, discipline, and business of making food for demand. Preparation techniques and ingredients are different across the world, from grilling food to applying electrical stoves, to baking in different types of ovens, reflecting specific environmental, economic, and cultural.

These choices or types of preparation also depend upon the ability and form of training the individual cook has. Preparation is made both by people at their personal dwellings and by business cooks and chefs at restaurants and other food institutions. Cooking may also happen through chemical reactions without the presence of heat.

20 best of the pro cooking tricks and tips for beginners|Everyone should know:

A few simple quick cooking tips can make a boring dish tastier, and more delicious, and also make the cooking process easier. Today here I discuss some simple cooking tricks and tips, especially for beginners.

Wash raw vegetables, and fruit very well before peeling, cutting, and cooking, as washing reduces the bacteria that may be present in them.
If you boil any vegetables then don’t throughout the water, instead of this use them for making gravy. It will enhance the test of your recipe.

When boiling potatoes that time adds a pinch of salt in it to remove the skin, so that skin will remove easily after boiling.
Many vegetables like potatoes and eggplants are discolored after cutting, to avoid this soak them in cold water.
Before adding paneer to your gravy soak it in warm salted water to make it soft.

Soak almonds in warm water for 5 minutes, so that the skins are easily pilled off.

Before chopping the herbs spread salt inboard to prevent herbs from flying all over the place.

Always chopped vegetables on wooden board, don’t use a marble slab for chopping as it makes your knife blunt.

Don’t throughout pasta boiled water, instead of using it to create pasta sauce. I personally used it so many times and it’s wonderful in test and color.

To make the noodles and pasta separate, add a few drops of oil at the time of boiling and run it through the cold water immediately after boiling
While making pakodas always try to use hot oil and baking soda in the batter to make it crispy, and lighter and prevent it from soaking excess oil.

Cooking tricks and tips.

If you want to make a fluffy omelet then add a little butter in a non-stick pan as usual. Now beat the egg very well, so that more air goes to it and make a fluffy omelet. If you have a hand beater or electric beater then use it. It will give you more good results.

To make Puris crispier add 2 tablespoons of Rava in flour while kneading.

If you want to retain the color and taste of the gravy then fry all masala on a low flame. To retain the color of the gravy use red tomatoes instead of green ones.

If you are grinding poppy seeds in a mixer then soak them in hot water for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

If you want to store fish fresh for more days then first clean it, add salt, turmeric, and a small amount of vinegar, and then freeze it. Another way is after cleaning, simply fry it with salt and turmeric and store it in the freezer. It will stay long.

When you cook chicken or meat, you have to cook it over high heat first, and then lower the heat to make it tender and juicy.
To discard the smell of prawns or any seafood, add salt and lemon juice and rest it for 15 minutes before cooking.

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Soon, I will come up with another new interesting recipe, still, that stays safe, stay healthy.

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