Your Best Guide for Baby Proofing with the New Furniture Stores in GP

If you have a little one on the way or already have welcomed a new baby in your family, then you must take some precautionary measures to ensure their health and safety. As it is a fact that every human being wishes and provides the best for their newly welcomed off-springs. By baby proofing, you can prevent many unforeseen tragedies. If you visit new furniture stores in Grand Prairie, they will also guide you in baby proofing as many of them has a separate section for this category, and they help new parents in making their homes safe for the little ones.

Guide for Baby Proofing with the Furniture Stores in Texas

Welcoming your baby into the world is blissful, and you should be prepared for its safety and health beforehand. Following are some mentioned key points that you should implement to baby proof your living space and nursery:

1- Secure you’re the Crib

When you are choosing a spot for your baby’s crib, keep it far away from the window of the nursery. Otherwise, your growing baby could easily climb up to the window and jump through the screen as they are in their experimental stage. It is better to mount window guards and buy cordless window coverings to keep them from opening easily by a single feeble push. Furniture stores in Texas will also give you guidance in covering your windows properly and prevent the newborn from opening them with ease.

2- Keep toiletries & other liquids out of reach

All types of baby lotions, hand gel, diaper cream, and other alcohol-based supplies out of your baby’s reach. A common form of poisoning found in kids under age 6 is digesting personal and hygiene care products. Thus, it is always a better idea to store such items in a closed container away from the reach of your growing kids.

3- Use the changing table’s safety harness

Babies have the tendency of wiggling from their place and move around. For this reason, you should always keep one hand on the baby while changing its diapers so that he/she may not fall from the table. To prevent such mishaps, you should put a safety harness on the sides of your changing table to keep your baby within safe boundaries.

4- Safe sleeping place

There should only be two things kept in your baby’s crib, a firm and tight-fitting mattress, and a crib sheet. Large accessories or heavy picture frames may seriously injure your baby if they accidentally fell off their place. Thus, you should avoid decorations with long cords, ribbons, or anything that could pose a threat of strangling and suffocating. Note that you should never hang anything directly over the crib, and many parents often make this mistake of hanging animations and bells. This mistake is highly dangerous, and all parents should avoid it.

5- Attach furniture to the walls

Bring out your drill and install all heavy furniture pieces into the wall so that you can keep them from falling over and avoiding any accidents. Drilling bookshelves, dressers, and changing tables will make them steady and secure in their position, and if an earthquake came, your house furniture will not fall over and injure you and your little ones. Attaching furniture to the walls is one of the most essential steps when baby proofing your living space. These are some of the most important baby proofing tips that you should effectively implement to avoid any future mishap. The furniture stores of Grand Prairie will guide you according to your situation so that you can have a safer living place for a baby or a toddler. 

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